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Kenmore Bears Junior Rugby Club  

Weekly newsletter 10 May 2018


MOWING – Thank you to the five members that have volunteered. (Paul Mackenzie – U9 Brown; Joco Roeloffs – U10/U8/U6 Gold; Rob Amo – U9 Brown; Ruth Montgomery – U10 Gold/U9 Brown; Dallas Haggarty U11 Red). We are currently organising access to the shed for you and Bec Scott will be in touch very soon to organise a weekly roster.

CLUB OFFICIALS – SATURDAY/SUNDAY – We are looking for 3 or 4 Club Officials to rotate for Saturday or Sunday game day duties. They will be required to open and close the Club, assist in the Canteen and be the representative of the Club for the day. If you think you can help out, please contact us!

Canteen Officer – A member is required to be available for deliveries to the club house during the day, and generally on a Thursday or Friday.

U11 Red Team Cancer Support Shave Off, Friday 11th

This Friday, 11th May, the Under 11 Red team are doing a sponsored head shave at the clubhouse between 5.30-6.30pm, before braving the cold with newly shaved heads for training. The team are shaving their heads to show their love and support to their coach, Scott West, and his family Liam & Caleb, whose wife Clodie is currently fighting breast cancer.

The team is raising money for the Cancer Council, who have helped supply various brochures raising awareness for prevention and support. The Cancer Council is the only Australian charity to work across every area of every cancer. They help from the point of diagnosis through to treatment and survival.

Due to her current treatment, Clodie might not be able to attend the clubhouse in person, but we will live streaming the shaving straight to her at home, and taking lots of photos. We are aiming for the night to be an upbeat night, as we show Clodie, and indeed all cancer battlers, that we are on their side and support them wholeheartedly.

To start Mothers Day weekend off in style, the club will have a special on Bubbles, including Pink Bubbles (sparkling wine). So help us raise some money for a worthy cause, and raise a glass to all the fighters of cancer in all its forms.

#headshave #raisingmoney #raisingawareness #fightingcancer

Safety and clubhouse news

All Parents Please do not “drop and go” your children, you must be present during training. We also request that parents stay off the fields during Friday night training (except Cubs & U6). Please take advantage of the canteen, listen to the live music, and relax while your child is exercised and tired out ready for bed time!

Training equipment We have recently noticed pieces of training equipment such as tackle pads being abused by various children while not being actively used. Some of these items cost several hundred dollars and are all funded out of club subscriptions.

  • If you take equipment from the shed it is YOUR responsibility to ensure it is used correctly and kept safe
  • If you take equipment from the shed it is YOUR responsibility to put it back neatly
  • NO children are permitted in the shed unless with an adult
  • Children are NOT permitted to play with the equipment

No alcohol on the fields Please be aware that Kenmore Bears alcohol licence does not allow alcohol to be taken outside of the Clubhouse precinct. Do not take alcohol on the fields, or in the playground areas.

Canteen and BBQ

Please enjoy the canteen on Friday nights and game days. There is a selection of beers and wines, great coffee, and plenty of food.


This Friday Night – Thai Red Curry

Various Pizzas



Hot Chips


The BBQ will be running as usual. This week’s duties (Friday 11 May):

5:20pm – 6:30pm U8 Brown

6:25pm – 7:40pm U10 Brown


A big shout out to our sponsors!

Rueben Packer-Hill, Gatorade, Lord of the Wings, Tim Alexander Carpentry, G James Glass, Westside BMW

In order to promote the Club and reduce the cost of registrations we need more sponsorship!  We would love a sponsor to promote on new corner flags for the Club. Please contact us if you own a company, or work for a company that would be interested.

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