Changes due to weather

The rule of the BJRU regarding weather is, if games or training are cancelled (e.g. major electrical storms over Brisbane on Friday nights) notice will be posted on the BJRU site BEFORE 4.00 pm on Fridays.

If changes occur after this time, the team managers will be informed and will be asked to contact their team members.  Notices will also be posted on our website – see HOME page.

Kenmore Centenary Rugby Club has an SMS messaging system to relay last minute messages to team managers.  Please ensure your contact details are up to date to ensure we can contact you if required.

If matches are cancelled due to ground closures or due to the forfeit of the opposing team, every effort will be made to contact players/families via the team manager.

Rescheduled games and cancellations

From time-to-time the location and times of games need to be rescheduled. When this occurs your team manager will be informed and the updated information will be added to our website.

Please ensure your team manager has your current contact details so that he/she can advise you of any last minute changes.